5 Simple Design Tips That You Can Implement Right Now To Double Your Income On Airbnb

Airbnb has become more popular over these years in Malaysia as Malaysia is gaining attention from worldwide as a tourist destination, and the listings numbers are expected to grow more and more. Now, everyone can turn a spare space into Airbnb to earn some extra income. But how can you make your Airbnb’s interior design prominent enough for you to always be tourists’ first choice?

According to researchers, about 35% of the decision making process depends on the emotional nature of a space. Since the interior design of a space is important, here are 5 simple design tips that you can implement right now to double your income on Airbnb.

1. Plants

The use of plants in interior design can enrich a space, making it to become more appealing and alive. If you prefer to use small plants, such as cactus and air plant, group them in odd number or different levels so that they don’t look cluttered; if you prefer to use a large plant, set it to a minimalist wall so that you can emphasize the design but not overcrowd the space.

2. Rugs

Rugs are the easiest and luxurious item to decorate a room. They can sit in harmony in your room or they can add some surprise element to your room. A neutral color rug serves as the perfect home interior decoration for any room. To create contrast and add warmth to the room, you may place a dark rug on a light floor and vice versa. 

3. Wall arts

Every room needs a focal point, and wall arts can fulfill this position well. When choosing a piece of wall art to be a focal point for your space, size is a vital consideration. A very small artwork will get dwarfed by surrounding furniture, whereas an oversized artwork will look as though it is spilling over. Hence, choose a right size wall art for your room!

4. Lightening

Lightening has an ability to influence the mood of a room and recreate unique sensations to a room. A white and direct lightening can activate your brain and allows you to see more details,  whereas a dim and indirect lightening can create a relaxed sensation in a room. 

5. Vertical line

Line is one of the main principles in interior design, especially vertical lines. Vertical lines lift your eyes upwards and make your space appear to be taller. Vertical line also can convey a feeling of strength and dignity which makes it suitable for formal living area.

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