Reasons You Should Invest In Sabah Property And Homestay

The tourism industry in Sabah has been growing by leaps and bounce from the last decade. This had also contributed in the rapid growth of property and homestay sector. It is not only a lucrative investment option, but also an escape from the high-stress urban lifestyle. In this blog, Pinstay as an experienced homestay management company in Sabah will be sharing some thoughts on why investment in Sabah property is a smart choice.

Low Living Cost

Among all the fast developing countries and cities, Sabah or specifically Kota Kinabalu is one the developing cities with low living cost. This has also been mentioned by Laura Begley Bloom in Forbes with Kota Kinabalu ranking eighth for places with lowest living expenses worldwide.

Direct Flights From Countries 

With the development of Sabah and the local authorities hardwork in promoting the state as a tourist destination. This has also led to more business opportunities and also the increase of flight companies introducing direct flights or routes from a number of countries in the region such as Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan. In addition, the Kota Kinabalu international Airport (KKIA) is just less than 10km from the city which makes KK a strategic and accessible investment. 

Exciting Projects Incoming 

One of the major and most anticipated projects in Sabah is the Pan-Borneo Highway project that connect Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. This project will highly increase the city’s accessibility to everywhere! This enhances the connectivity between various economic clusters, but also opens up new economic frontiers and opportunities. With this continuing  growth of Sabah’s tourism and hospitality sector, coupled with the government’s commitment in delivering the Pan Borneo Highway are bright spots for Sabah’s property market. 

Currently Aeropod is the largest integrated development in Kota Kinabalu. It comprises an aeropod commercial square, SOVOs (small office virtual offices), residential towers, hotels, a lifestyle shopping mall and Tanjung Aru railway station. 

High Traffic Of New Business Investments

As Sabah is a highly developing city, foriegn markets have also started to invest in Sabah due to its strategic location which is close to countries like China, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries in the region. Borneo Post has also mentioned that a total of 761 manufacturing with investments worth RM15.1 billion have been implemented in Sabah as of December 2017. This has already evidently shown that Sabah is definitely worth any investment especially land or property investment.

With all these benefits known, now you are confident homestay and property investment in Sabah is definitely a smart choice. Now, foreigners may ask how can I purchase property in Sabah? Well afraid not! You can contact your desired homestay management company in Sabah and ask for their advice or you could just simply tell them what type of homestay and property you’re interested in for investment and they’ll be more than happy to help you with it!

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