Airbnb Bad Reviews? Turn Them Into Your Armors and Weapons!

Airbnb bad reviews might be every hosts’ nightmares. You spent multiple time and efforts in maintaining your Airbnb to provide unforgettable experiences for your valued customers and bad reviews still pop up on your page to deny all your efforts.  No matter what the circumstances are, don’t panic! Let’s learn from this inevitable event and turn them into your armors and weapons! Here, Pinstay as a Airbnb management company in Sabah is going to tell you how to use these bad reviews to your advantage:

Delay Leaving a Guest Review

Guests usually have 14 days to leave a review for your Airbnb. So, don’t ask your guests to leave a review right after their checkout. If they are satisfied and had a joyful time during their stay, they will still leave you a good review; whereas if the guests are disappointed during their stay, these 14 days are the best thing to calm them down, and perhaps leave a less devastating review on your Airbnb. 

Acknowledge It and Apologize

No matter in hosting or any other businesses, remember that the customer is always right. Even though the reviews are unreasonable or unfair, your attitude to acknowledge it and apologize to it will at least let the guest feel respectful. Even the future potential guests will feel that you are taking every guest’s review sincerely. This action can improve your reputation as a responsible host and minimize the harm of those bad reviews.

Address the Issues and Action

A simple apology does not win for your reputation. So, don’t stop at ‘I’m so sorry.’! The guests always expect an apology and your action to deal with the problems after they leave a bad review; whereas your future potential guests are interested in your action to deal with it instead of an apology. So, keep your response short and straight to the point.  For example, ‘Apologies for the malfunctioning of air conditioning. We contacted a technician to repair it yesterday. We tested the air conditioning and it is in the best condition now. Thank you for your response so that we can manage it before it is getting worse!’ This shows that you are learning from the mistakes and sharing them how you are gonna do it better.

Communicate Directly With the Guests

If the guests leave a real terrible review, try to communicate directly with the guests to offer a heartfelt apology. And, of course, look for a better solution for it. In some cases, those bad reviews could be due to misunderstanding and miscommunication between you and the guests. A direct communication with guests can show that you as a host are taking the problems seriously and trying to work on it. This could let the guests change their mind and leave a less scathing review.

A gentle reminder from Pinstay, a Airbnb management company in Sabah:

A bad review doesn’t mean the end of the world, but, an alarm to you as a host to improve your effort in maintaining your Airbnb. So, spend your time working on the bad reviews to change them into your stepping stone, polish them into your armors and weapons. 

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