How To Identify Unwanted Homestay Guest In Sabah

Renting out your homestay to strangers can be thrilling, but just like with anything new, there are risks you have to take. Every once in a while the guest will not follow our rules and guidelines which ruins it for everyone else! Hence, keep your eyes peeled for these guests during the booking process or else they will sneak by unnoticed and ruin your homestay before you know it! That’s why Pinstay, a homestay management company in Sabah has come up with strategies to spot them in the bookings process ahead of time, so there are no surprises later.

Examine Reservation Of The Guest

Watch out for guests who are booking homestay that are bigger than they need. For instance, one couple doesn’t need to rent a three-bedroom homestay. If the guest is going against your policies and renting an unnecessarily big home, it could be because they’re planning on bringing in unregistered party crashers or throwing a massive get together while you’re not there. Make sure if anyone enters the premises without registering with you first – then ask them why!

Next, beware of guests who book for one night on a weekend. While this isn’t an immediate red flag, it is worth looking into to ensure that the guest has good intentions and won’t be disruptive in your homestay or disrupt other households with their partying. If you’re not sure about them when they call- back up by asking questions like where are they coming from? What do their travel plans look like? Are there any restrictions on how long visitors can stay at your homestay due to noise ordinances etc.? It’s always best check out each person as much as possible before making decisions because anything could happen!

Finally, keep up with what’s going on in Sabah when something big happens so you don’t miss out on getting all those guests who want a cozy homestay to stay while they’re celebrating in Sabah – but also make sure not too many people from elsewhere come into town at once because then you’ll have nothing left available and no one will get lucky enough for some accommodations near the celebration site either way.

Dig The Guest’s Online Presence

Research the guest online! A good way to do this is by checking out reviews of your potential guests. This will allow you get a sense for how they treat their hosts and homestay, which can be an indicator on how well they’ll interact with other people as well. Check out their social media accounts. While scrolling through Facebook and Instagram to verify the guest’s identity you can get a glimpse of what they are all about without even having to say anything to them! If you want more information on who this person is these days just googling their name or checking out where else they might be online will give some insight into how much time people spend in front of screens nowadays. Not being able to track down an online presence doesn’t always mean something fishy is going on but that’s why it pays stay vigilant when someone asks for your personal information like phone numbers and credit card details if there isn’t any other option available.

Check The Guest’s ID

Checking the guest’s ID may be the best way to confirm whether guests are legitimate or not. Have your homestay guest email you their driver’s license for now on file and have an open conversation with them about other security measures which will help deter any unwanted attention they might receive in your homestay. Ensure that the guest is who they say they are before handing over their reservation document. Make sure to cross-reference IDs with credit cards provided for a better idea of whether or not it’s valid and if you should be worried about fraudulence. Besides, it’s important when checking guests in at your homestay in Sabah, especially if there’s an HR booking involved, to make sure the name on both documents match up exactly; otherwise some form of fraudulent activity may have occurred.

Communicate With The Guest

While many modern businesses are turning to texts and e-mails, some homestay company in Sabah still prefer a good ol’ phone call. Getting on the phone with your guest can help you ascertain their intentions — not just for booking an appointment but also in terms of what they want from that experience. If we’re going over all these questions beforehand, it’s easy to spot any potential conflicts or missed expectations before we get started! If a guest is ignoring your calls and won’t speak to you, insist on speaking over the phone rather than letting them hide behind emails or texts. Once you have the guest on the phone, don’t be too aggressive—this isn’t an interrogation; it’s your chance to get to know them before they check in your homestay. Enquire about their reason for traveling, where they’re coming from, who they’re arriving with, and what their trip itinerary looks like. Be wary of guests who are vague about their travel plans. Give your guest the opportunity to ask you questions. Tell them about the homestay, where it’s located, and what your homestay company rules are in Sabah. It’s important to set expectations with the guest so they know you won’t tolerate any misconduct.

These are several warning signs that identify an unwanted guest. These subtle but important details will alert you to any potential problems and allow for a better decision-making process when it comes time to approve the reservation or deny them entry. Be on guard against troublesome guests that slip through cracks all too often—that’s why we have come up with strategies to spot them during the bookings process .

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