Homestay Management Tips: 8 Special Rental Guest Book Ideas

What’s your favorite memory about your last vacation?  Maybe it was the time you spent with family and friends at a beautiful resort, or the amazing food you ate. Have you ever wanted to relive those memories? You can! Simply by writing them down in guest books! Guest books are not just for weddings anymore- they’re also becoming popular as souvenirs for homestay guests. They give visitors a chance to share their memories from their stay and create new ones too! Guests get creative with their entries, sharing everything from funny anecdotes to tips on where to eat next. So if you’re an homestay host looking for some awesome ideas of what type of book would make a great gift or keepsake for your guests, this blog post is perfect. Here are some creative ideas Pinstay as a Sabah homestay management company have come across.


Postcards are a really original way to collect feedback from your renters and give travelers the opportunity to see where past guests have come from! Ask them in advance for their favorite postcard of their hometown, or keep stacks on hand so they can sign one as well. It’s also wonderful when you want to cherish memories left by prior visitors – it will be fascinating how different people perceive all that this city offers!

Message in a bottle

Leave a pile of decorative paper squares next to an empty jar or bottle and instruct your guests on how they can leave their own personal message. Whether it be for you, another guest, or someone else altogether, this is the perfect way to get creative with writing! Make sure not only adults write in these messages as kids are just as likely (or more)to enjoy creating one of these special pieces that will last forever.

Globe guest book

Every guest who visits your home deserves a souvenir. Buy an old globe from a second-hand store and let guests leave their mark on the map where they’ve traveled to in the past! You can buy Sharpies or permanent markers so that visitors may write down what country, city, or town they are visiting you from.

Address card guest book

If you have old address cards, don’t just recycle them! Transform them into a vacation rental guest book. Guests can leave comments about their experience and file the feedback away alphabetically in one of those card file boxes. You could also ask guests to write down favorite dishes or recipes on these cards too – now your recipe collection will be from all around the world!

Dictionary guest book

What do you think of this old but golden idea: transforming an outdated hardback dictionary into your guest book for a rental event? Invite guests to pick their favorite adjective and highlight it, then write about themselves on the page in brightly colored pens. Fun!

Fill-in-the-gaps guest book

Ever get that feeling you’re forgetting something? Guests often forget to leave a note for the host after they depart. This is why we’ve created our fill-in-the -gaps guest book, so guests can easily compile their thoughts about their stay and share them with future visitors! There are many spaces where each person can document what they liked most or least, any suggestions on improvements, as well as other information such as names and dates of visit.

Pinboard guest book

What is more delightful than reading about other people’s travels, especially when you are staying at someone else’s place! You can start this process as soon as travelers check in with a blank postcard that has room for writing or drawing along with some nice pens and markers so each person can find something appealing to write or draw-colorful experiences worth sharing around one another later after dinner over drinks before bed time…or early morning coffee

Tablet video guest book

Put your guests in the spotlight with a tablet video guest book. Ask each group of people to record their own “selfie” style videos, then edit them together as short clips on an iPad or computer for all visitors to see and enjoy!

We, Pinstay as a Sabah homestay management company hopes you’ve found some inspiration for your vacation rental guest book and highly recommend incorporating these ideas to make you easier in your homestay management in sabah by making your guests feel welcome and excited about their upcoming stay! Remember that this is also a great way to encourage return visits from past renters who may have forgotten what they enjoyed most during their visit with you. 

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