Sabah Property Management Tips: Proven Ways To Enhance Your Guests Experiences

Ever wonder why your guests never return to you after the stay? Or is there always negative feedback received from your guests? Well if that’s so,Ever wonder why your guests never return to you after the stay? Or is there always negative feedback received from your guests? Well if that’s so, we – Pinstay as a property management in Sabah are here to help! 

As the hospitality industry faces rapidly changing guest behaviors, preferences and expectations. Properties that are able to deliver memorable experiences through unique amenities, personal touches and stellar customer service will be rewarded with repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and positive reviews on social media. If you are searching for solutions for it. There are a few ways in which you can improve your guests’ satisfaction and to increase the stay retention when they visit the city again. 

Be Authentic 

The property which is the most authentic, such as leaving unique local souvenirs or gifts on the bed of each room as a welcome gift before a guest’s arrival or offering free refreshments can be one of the ways to leave a good impression for your guests. For instance, if a couple is celebrating their anniversary at your property, the owner or the management can have some offering just as decorating the house or offering the couple a bottle of champagne. 

Usage of Tools or System

Some other ways to monitor or manage your reputation is through some tools or system. A Central Reservation System (CRS) can help to manage all the reservations made across platforms and can provide all the necessary information to the guest. A Customer Relationship Management tool can be utilised to understand what criteria the customer or guest used as a means during their decision making. A Service Optimization platform can also be utilised for collection of guest feedback and evaluation for the operations to make adjustments.

Communicate with the Guest for Feedbacks

Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with the guest as soon as possible with a follow-up email before and after their stay allows you to set the tone for the guest’s stay in your property. Simple yet thoughtful services such as providing extra pillows or a cradle when there’s a child or infant before the guest arrives can help to build a professional reputation or brand and show your commitment to customer service. 

Being “proactive” is the key when collecting feedback rather than  waiting for your customer to make a complaint. By doing so can help you move from a reactive service model to a proactive service model that will improve customer satisfaction and retention. By utilising SO software allows you to pull a report of every guest due to arrive on a particular day. If a guest has stayed with you before, or if you have gathered information during booking, you can use that information to personalize their experience. 

Offer goodies and complimentary services

Continuing from point 1, providing guests with a little extra such as offering some services for free can allow guests to generate a rather positive impression on you and your brand. Offering complimentary services is an effective strategy in providing customer service in which guests will go home and spread positive word of mouth, either sharing with their friends or on their social media platforms. 

Smart Technologies 

By always updating your technologies can help your homestay to develop a good reputation for providing ease and convenience as well as attracting a wider variety of customers. For example, property with “smart room keys” installed can allow guests to open their room doors with a simple swipe of their smartphone. This can be seen as some of the more renowned hotel brands such as Sheraton and Hilton or some property management company have already implemented this technology in their hotels across the country. 

Reward returning guests

Customer loyalty is essential when it comes to increasing profits, improves sales success and allows for sustainable growth. A well-designed and well-executed loyalty programme can help you retain existing customers, attract new customers, reduce turnover and drive profits. This is especially important as more and more homestays are emerging now. Hence, property owners should focus on strategies that recognize and reward repeat guests. While loyalty programs are a great approach it’s important to consider how you design your program. Many loyalty programs offer a free night or a discounted stay after a certain number of points are accrued.However, the time taken for a person to cash in on this reward tends to take awhile. What you can do is to mix up your offerings such as providing a free drink at the bar, complimentary valet, late check-out or automatic room upgrade in addition to the free nights. Introduction of loyalty programme is one of the most popular tips being used bu property management company in Sabah.

Make full use of omnichannel

A great way to communicate or inform your target customer is to make sure that your information is very accessible to them. Leveraging messaging technology and system integrations to deliver a better guest experience can be greatly beneficial. This is a win-win situation as guests get faster and more personalized service while homestays maximize operating efficiencies and workflows to conserve resources and reduce costs. By doing so can also help hotel staff better serve guests through more individualized communication. Text and voice are already revolutionizing domestic technology, from mobile devices to kitchen devices to cars. Hospitality industries are also beginning to utilise the technology as it allow better and more flexible guest experience, from small requests such as towels to event attendees asking for details about the sessions on the program. 

Through these points it can be concluded that different property management strategies can be implement to create a truly inclusive guest experience that can increase the guests retention. Pinstay as property management in Sabah are hoping that by sharing these property management tips can help the owners to achieve their investment goal during this pandemic.

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