Creative Sabah Property Management Revenue Generating Ideas

The constant MCO and lockdown has certainly made the Sabah property management to suffer and some may even be on the edge of closing the business. However, there’s always a way to ease the situation just as the saying goes “when one door closes, another window opens”. You can still find some strategies which you can utilise by analysing the trend or the current lifestyle. In this blog, Pinstay as a Sabah property management company will provide you with some ideas which you may take into consideration.

Co-Working Space

As the current trend during this lockdown has changed from working in the office to “work-from-home”. Hence, you can change or alter your property into a co-working space to cater to all those that are currently on “work-from-home” status but still want their own personal space. One of the famous hotels which has utilised this concept is Roger Smith Hotel who has a Kettle Space Flexible Workspaces. You can simply start off by creating a room or office package and promotions for daily, weekly or monthly rent. Then you can include some goodies or essentials such as WiFi, coffee, snacks and much more unique points to your package. 

Revamp Unused Conference or Function Space

With the loosening up of SOP during the lockdown, this large space can be used for some other activities such as offering yoga classes, wellness programs, cooking classes and more. This large space can be an advantage as social distancing is still very important even after the pandemic is over and it may be practiced until then and many activities are still requiring social distancing. Hence a large space is very much needed.

Alteration of Business Model

Homestay property may consider changing their business models from catering foreign travellers to having an airbnb-type business model for the locals who often rent airbnb space for a short period of time or for staycation. Most of the time, renters often make their reservation on airbnb so you should take some time to evaluate and analyse your strength. After doing so, you will need to list them out clearly and take great pictures to showcase to your target customers.

To top it off, you should always ensure your staff are educated about the key advantages of your property such as the better location with no cleaning fees, better cleanliness protocols or really high-speed WiFi and more. Also, introduce and promote heavily your adjoining rooms or unit which has suites with kitchenettes.

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